Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Where the Spirit Leads

How does the Spirit guide missions?


What does Ephesians 1:11 mean for us?

Affirming Our Mess

Fully acknowledging our mess before the mercy of God.

Show Your Hands

Sharing your testimony of God's work in your life.

What God Hates

God hates anything that separates us from Him.

Worship: Experiencing the Presence of God

We are created for worship.

A Fork in the Road

Where do we go from here?

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication Sunday at North Central.

Confirming Our Elders

North Central confirmed new and existing elders on 04.23.2017.

New Creation

Baptism has been a source of controversy for some in the Christian community. This is unfortunate, since baptism should instead be a source of celebration…

Leadership for the Church

The importance and function of elders in the church.

Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines-those intentional and regular practices, which God uses to conform our hearts and minds to him.

Christmas Service

The incarnation of Christ offers joy and hope in all circumstances.

Christmas Eve Service

For unto you a Savior has been born.

Making Things Right

Justice through the eyes of God.

Harvest Sunday

God's work and mission in the world.

Joy in Hard Places

An in-depth look at finding joy in the hard places of life–from the book of Philippians.

A Missionary Needs a Message

In God's eyes, our story of how we came to follow Him is epic–because He is the author.

Love Where You Are

No matter where we are in life, God can use us for His glory.

Margin 4 Mission

We may miss the ways God wants to work in our lives simply by being too busy.

Guest Speaker, Randy Harris

It is possible to see Jesus in everyone, as imperfect as we may be.


Dale Robinson, Executive Minister

Galatians: The Gospel of Grace

Paul instructed the Galatians to uphold grace, despite what it might cost them.

Our Place In This World

How does Scripture describe Christians’ place in society?

Start Where You Are

How can I be a light to those near me? How can I use my life to share His story here and around the world?

The Absence of God

We may be earnestly seeking God, but in return only sense His silence.

Mark: Jesus in Motion

The Gospel of Mark is an action-packed story of the ministry of Jesus that reveals great strength and uncompromising character.

Contact: Meeting God